Welcome by the TWMA Chair

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Welcome to the Tunisian Women Mathematicians’ Association  (TWMA), founded in 2015, a professional body of mathematics in Tunisia and part of the African Women in Mathematics Association (AWMA). We hope to serve you in many ways. Please familiarize yourself with the association through our interactive website. It is through this website that you get to know more about TWMA and its activities, the benefits of being a member and upcoming events.

Dr. Selma Negzaoui, TWMA Chair (2018-2021)

The Steering committee for the period 2018-2021:

ChairDr. Selma Negzaoui,  negzaoui.selma@gmail.com
General Secretary: Dr. Rim Jday, rimjday@live.fr
TreasurerDr. Khadija Mbarki, mbarkikhadija@yahoo.fr
Member: Dr. Emna Jaïem, emna23jaiem@gmail.com
Member: Dr. Loubna Ghammam, Ghammam.loubna@yahoo.fr

New SC TWMA 2018-2021